Son Consultants

Our Policies

  • Students are required to provide all the original documents for admission procedure and visa file preparation.
  • Students must obey the policy of the colleges and institutions during the process of admissions and visa.
  • In case of changes in policies and rules,OR in Immigration rules,the students must abide by the new rules and policies.
  • In case of visa refusal, college fees will be returned only when college  will  refund  the Fee.
  • College Fees will be non refundable after visa approval.
  • In case of any misreporting or misrepresentation, student him/herself would be responsible.
  • If  visa is  refused on the basis of forged  Documents, then college Fee will be Non Refundable.
  • After visa approval , the student will submit his/her  File receipt to us and inform us about visa result immediately.
  • In case of full representattion, we will be doing all the paperwork and communicating with respective institutions and bodies.
  • We will not be  responsible about any changes in  college circumstances after sudent visa issuance.
  • We are only arranging the student admissions abroad  and give services in  visa file preparation   and update our clients on laws and policies in UK and AUSTRALIA and other study destinations.
  • f  visa is  refused on the basis of Previous refusals, which  student not mentioned before , then college Fee will be Non Refundable.
  • We will regularly check the student progress in college and student must obey all the rules and regulations during stay abroad.
  • The sole purpose of the student is for study in foreign country and Student is bound to study in the college and give examinations on proper time. We will not responsible any illegle activity of the student.