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Ireland visa process is very easy as compared to other countries. Ireland does not require medical and interview for admission. Study gap is acceptable and visa fee is low as compared to the UK and Australia. IELTS, PTE and Duolingo test is acceptable. Recently visa ratio is good.

We have many Institutes in Ireland who are working with us. We are only one and 1st company in Gujranwala who are directly approach the Ireland approved colleges and universities.


Australian universities visa ratio is very good as compared the colleges. At present universities visa ratio are more than 80%. GTE documents should be proper and bank statement should be approximately 80 lac. IELTS and PTE is acceptable. Gap should not be more than 1 year.


UK visa ratio is more than 90% at this moment in the universities for Pakistan as British High Commissioner Dr. Christian Turner statement. It is the good time to apply for your higher studies in the UK. If you are eligible for the UK universities and given the interview with successfully and clear the medical test, then there are 90% chances to get the visa of the UK.


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