Son Consultants

Affiliates (Colleges & Universities) in Ireland

  • University College Dublin
  • Technological university Dublin
  • Dublin business School Dublin.
  • Dorset College Dublin.
  • Independent College Dublin.
  • National College of Ireland.
  • International Study Institute (ISI) Dublin
  • IH Dublin
  • IBAT College
  • Griffith College Dublin

Procedure of Admission in Ireland:- last updated on 20th of August 2022.

The procedure of Ireland’s Admission is very easy and very good visa chances in now days. Full one year Fee should be sent in advance. This Fee is refundable less administration Cost in case of refusal. There is no medical and no interview.

Embassy fees are just 126 Euros

Medical Insurance of one year is required.. 18000 PKR.

Fees Deposit’s rule:-

1 year’s advance fees deposit in colleges.

You may deposit six months fee if you are going in University.

For Bachelor Degree Programmes: - (14 years or B.A Qualification)

For Bachelor Degree programmes

students need 6.0 and fee is 6950 to 11000 Euro (depending on the College) can be deposit in advance. Bank funds will be depending on the courses which are almost 5000000 to 8000000 Rupees.

For Master Degree Programmes 🙁 Master Degree from Pakistan)

For the Master Degree programmes students need minimum 6.0 Bands. And a College fee is stating from 12000 Euro to 18000 Euro and Bank statement need 80,00000 PKR

The bank account should be 6 months old. Last six months Bank statement is mandatory.


The preferred sponsor for Ireland is a blood relation, whereas if it is not possible, then other relatives may also be sponsored. Detailed Source of income Docs. Is required along with the Bank Statement.